Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nights Like This

Another heavy night is upon me.
Another one sent to take your place,
To make me cold,
To make me wait,
To make me remember
That I was not,
And cannot be
Insane enough to stay.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tragedy of the Commons

Its times when I get stuck at tangled intersections for hours at a time because of the immaturity and selfishness of human beings that I really feel there is no hope for this country.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Out of Order, Mr. Chair!

Your yumminess has greatly impaired our capacity to resolve the case at hand and has caused our IQ to drop significantly!

Just one more reason to keep updated in politics. Sorry, Phillip, pero walang sinabi ang fez ni Chiz dito. *swoons*

Photo courtesy of the Sunday Inquirer.

In sickness and insane

Its amazing how a sore throat can turn me into quite a nervous wreck. Like right now, I should be at the gym, but here I am slumped in front of a computer in our airconditioned den for fear of symptoms of rheumatic heart disease.

I admit I am a bit of a hypochondriac (I think I get it from my lola Aida). I have good reason to be though. I've had my share of freakish ailments.

I had primary complex, a form of TB, when I was a kid. I've had chicken pox, and mumps. I recently had rheumatic fever. I've had a dengue scare, a rabies scare, and a hepatitis B scare. The last two were particularly memorable.

It was two days after I had been bitten by one of my pet hamsters. I was feeling slightly feverish, so I told my mom about my rabid hamster and that I should see a doctor for shots. Convinced of the urgency, she drove me to a clinic.

Me: "I got bit by my hamster a few days ago. I think its rabid."

Doctor: "Hijo, I don't think its rabies. Hamsters don't get rabies. Ever."

Me: "Are you sure? Its been acting kinda violent..."

Doctor: "I'm quite sure. Unless of course you've been keeping your rabid dog in the cage with it."

How good to know.

But hardly had I breathed a sigh of relief when two weeks later, Chris (not his real name), my significant other at the time dropped a big fat bomb on me. He was a dormant Hepatitis B carrier and he thought of telling me now because he could be having an attack. He supposedly meant to tell me sooner but couldn't muster up the strength. It had backfired on him in his previous relationship.

When he told me, it was instant flashback to the night when I told him his eyes looked kinda yellowish. And then instant flashback some more to a lesson in Health Education back in high school on sexually transmittable diseases. Then flashback to the nearer past when I slept over his place...I totally freaked!

I don't even want to remember how dumb, intolerant, 18-year-old me reacted. The fact that my reaction was no different from his most recent ex's puts me to shame. It caused a lot of unnecessary heartache (after doing some research, I found out dormant hepa B is NOT transmittable), and I've reaped a good shitload of karma from it.

Bottomline: I think this just illustrates the real root cause of my psychosomatic tendencies -- IGNORANCE. I really should consider med school. A little knowledge might just be the treatment I need. Or I could just date a physician. No spoonful of sugar needed there. :)

We can't seem to keep still

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